Travel for Food: Abu Dhabi

Katsuya by Starck Location: Yas Mall After walking around the Louvre Abu Dhabi, I found myself visiting the Yas Mall. It was a tempting thing to do as I enjoy going to malls, especially in the middle east. While there, I stumbled upon a restaurant called Katsuya. Katsuya is the brainchild of master chef Katsuya…

Travel for Food: Dubai (Part 2)

This concludes my Travel for Food Dubai edition. As I mentioned in part 1 there are more restaurants in Dubai than one can count!  Since I often spend time in Dubai I am sure there will be another Travel for Food blog that will feature other hot spots in Dubai. 

Travel for Food: Dubai (Part 1)

There are more restaurants in Dubai than one can count! It’s exhausting thinking of all the genres of culinary choices in such a small place. You can go from eating Persian food to Italian, Greek, American, Lebanese, or African. There is a wide selection for anyone’s budget and taste. For me, it is super easy…

Travel: 48 Hours in Paris

Paris, oh, Paris!
While I felt like I only got a morsel size experience, it did enough to make me understand why Paris is often listed on so many of our must-visit list. Presently I can say that I am a Paris convert and will never pass up another opportunity to visit this place. I could feel so many things in this city, the romanticism, frustration, passion, overwhelming air, beauty, suffering, and, more importantly, the life that moves it forward.

Travel: Abu Dhabi, Breath of Fresh Air

Visiting Abu Dhabi was like a breath of fresh air! While it may not be known to be super glitzy, fast-pace, or the party capital of the UAE, it is so much more and worth seeing for yourself.