Tales: Lust Caution on Brokeback Mountain (p. 2)

The 2007 film Lust Caution is one of my other favorite Ang Lee films. Considered an erotic spy drama this tale was crafted by Eileen Change a Chinese American Essayist. Lust Caution for me is a tale of how love and desire can be both our salvation and captor all at once.

Tales: Lust Caution on Brokeback Mountain (p. 1)

I cannot claim to love all of Ang Lee’s work but he excels when he makes movies about raw human emotions touching on topics mundane or taboo. The two films that stand out as the ultimate examples of his talent are Brokeback Mountain and Lust Caution.

Tales: Rural Lifestyle Expert, Fairyland Cottage

This blog is dedicated to looking at the work of Niamh Traynor, the owner, and creator of Fairyland Cottage. If I could describe the Fairyland Cottage channel, I would say that it is comforting, inspirational, and captures simple living at its best.