Travel: Fun in Heidelberg

During my first month visiting Germany, I saw the town of Heidelberg near the Neckar River in southwest Germany. The highlights of this town are the historical areas such as the Heidelberg Palace, the Old Bridge, and Heidelberg Zoo. Heidelberg is also home to many universities and a romantic cityscape with narrow roads and thousands of hidden spots around every bend. Germany is jammed packed … Continue reading Travel: Fun in Heidelberg

Travel for Food: Mannheim Germany

I have been away for almost a month, but even a travel food blogger has to take a break. Rejuvenized, I’m back and ready to review my most recent ventures in the city of Mannheim. While visiting Mannheim, I went on an eating adventure. As I foraged through the food landscape, I hit some incredible highs and lows. A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon … Continue reading Travel for Food: Mannheim Germany