End of Business Trip (Journal Entry March 2022)

Sunday, 27th March 2022

After a leisurely morning, we gathered for lunch and eventually dinner, spending the entire day together. However, I was surprised that he didn’t mention what he had said earlier that morning. I pondered whether he was too inebriated to recall or if he felt ashamed of his actions. Despite my curiosity, I chose not to broach the topic since I had already addressed it in the moment. It was peculiar how I easily resumed normalcy, despite the weight of those words between the stranger and CC still lingering in the air.

The last days of March 

That week at work felt like any other, except for the fact that the Cats were in the process of drafting a list to relocate a substantial number of workers back to the main worksite. The reason for this was that the project was nearly completed. I received word that there would be two trips at the start of April scheduled to transport the majority of workers to the main worksite. The list underwent several revisions before it was finalized, and I was assigned to the Wednesday, April 5th, 2022 return group. I was content with this as I believed that my stay there had been prolonged enough. While CC’s name appeared on a few lists, he was  eventually taken off and placed on the April 21st, 2022 return list.

Today Fat Cat birthday week so we bought him a very nice bottle of liquor, a cake, and a blow up doll as a joke. It wasn’t my idea as I wouldn’t have even bother to get him anything. lol –

Jornal Extract – Thursday, 24th March 2022

The week was uneventful, and my journal entries reflected a lack of noteworthy incidents. However, there was one occurrence that caught my attention: CC mentioned running into someone from his home country while he was out and about. This individual worked for a dealership and provided CC with details on how he secured his job, the potential earnings, and various perks associated with working for that company in Germany. CC appeared thrilled with the prospect of making more money, especially since he possessed exceptional extroverted and persuasive abilities.

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