Tales: Short Story – Sad Girl (Part 8) The Last Fall

ophelia-john-everett-millaisAs the months went on Jenny started displaying the same behavior as Sara. She was hospitalized and then returned to the village to roam like a lost soul. Their father carried on like nothing was happening to his children, while Jenny and Sara took turns slipping in and out madness. Although it was strange that both were suffering from the same affliction, everyone thought it was normal because their mother was reported to be in the same state for years. Everyone assumed that their abnormalities were genetic by design, while I was sure it manifested because of the unhealthy environment Sammy provided.

By the time Jenny was in her early twenties, and Sara was in her late teenage years, they both were well-known by people near and far as the crazy sisters. Tanya and Marsha seemed to remain in the same shape and didn’t suffer as much as the sisters. I then found out that Tanya was the one who started spreading the stories about Sara and her father. I found this out in the twelfth grade while on the school bus. Tanya was sitting a few seats behind me, and I overheard her going into detail about things she saw at Sara’s house. This started our infamous argument that ended in a fight. I wasn’t afraid to tell her that she was the one sleeping with Sammy. She was shocked by my proclamation and slapped me for saying that. When the bus pulled over, we both ran off into an alley, locked in a hair grabbing and punching embrace. All the children who saw it started yelling, “Fight! Fight! Fight!” Then moments after Marsha came to our rescue by squeezing her fat body between us.

That was my last day I ever spoke to Tanya again, after that we avoided each other. I knew Tanya since her age was in the single digits, but by this time , she’d turn into a waste of space. While I knew that Sammy was taking advantage of her, I felt like she had a choice. While I shouldn’t blame Tanya for doing what all the adults were doing in the village, she decided to use her power for evil instead of good. I believed that she had a chance to help herself and Sara out of the situation, but she couldn’t see the depravity in her actions only the money. While, I wanted to believe that Sara was telling me the truth, a part of me believed that her father was sexual abusing her and her sister.

To Be Continued



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