Tales: A Story I Couldn’t Tell  (Final Act)

It’s the final act, and it still doesn’t feel like I have adequately spread the butter on this toast. Have I said enough or was it too much? I think it’s too little, as no life could be encapsulated in a four-part blog. I presumed that no one would read this far into this blog because this post isn’t littered with fancy pictures from a recent trip, so it feels more comfortable to truly write how I feel.

Tales: A Story I Couldn’t Tell (Act III)

I grew up reading romance novels, but this genre is problematic in the way they position men and women in society. While these novels continue to be an excellent escape for me and could be credited with encouraging me to read more during my teenage years. Deep down inside, I know that I am a romantic at heart, but just like fairytales,

Tales: A Story I Couldn’t Tell (Act II)

I was disappointed and realized that I no longer had a place there, but the more profound realization was that I understood that I never had a place, to begin with. Knowing this made me feel homeless in an emotional sense and singed roots. So, I became like a propagated plant changing vessels as I grew but never able to be planted in the ground. This fact can be seen in my record of never living in a place for more than 3 – 4 years after the age of 18.

Tales: A Story I Couldn’t Tell (Act I)

Warning, this blog will be about me for the first time in a long time. Perhaps this isn’t the type of writing expected from me, but I desperately want to tip the bucket over to prove that looks and behaviors can be deceiving.

Visiting Baumwipfelpfad Bavarian Forest Treetop Walk

Baumwipfelpfad Treetop Walk is 1,300 meters, which is about 4,265 feet, and is 25 meters or 83 feet above the tree line. This tree walk is shaped like an egg or oval, made out of wooden and metal reinforcements. The very top of this structure gives a breathtaking view of the forest, and on a clear day, the northern ridge of the Alps makes an appearance.

Tales: Bloganuary # 11 (Boldly Living Bourdain-ism)

The prompt for Day 11 of the Bloganuary challenge is “What does it mean to live boldly?” To live boldly generally means to live a life without reservations.  I use the word reservation becaues it will forever remind me of Anthony Bourdain.  A figure who has inspired me to travel and start a blog that…

Tales: Bloganuary (Critical Assumptions End Here)

The prompt for January 9th is “What do people assume incorrectly about me? For me, it depends on when and where you met me. If you met me as a child in preschool to high school, the assumption would be that I was a loser, nerd, or just another non-player character existing in the landscape…

Tales: Bloganuary (Writing is a Superpower)

The prompt for January 8th is “What do you like most about your writing? I wonder how many people found this prompt challenging to respond to in the briefest way possible. I love writing and have a long list of reasons I am drawn to it. That previous statement would seem even more bazaar if…

Tales: Bloganuary (Laughing at the Comment Section)

Day 7 prompt was What makes you laugh? This topic isn’t something that I think of very often. I can say that there are no actual defining criteria on what makes me break out in joyful laugher. One moment it can be because I am watching scenes from the old Dave Chapelle tv show and…

Tales: Bloganuary (Inspired by Jamaica Kincaid)

The prompt for January 6th is “Who is someone that inspires you and why? This is another difficult prompt because we encounter many inspirations throughout our lifetime. But, at the moment, I can only think of one person, and that person is Elaine Cynthia Potter Richardson, an author who goes by the name Jamaica Kincaid….

Tales: Bloganuary (What I Wish I Knew How to Do!)

I am a day late and a dollar short, but yesterday I intended on posting the on 5th day of Bloguanuary, and it didn’t happen. The prompt for January 5th was “What is something you wish you knew how to do?” I honestly have a laundry list of things I wish I knew how to…

Tales: Bloganuary (No Toys for a Child)

The prompt for day four of Bloganuary is “What was your favorite toy as a child?”   I honestly wanted to skip this prompt today because I felt this topic was too basic and didn’t spark joy. But, then I started to wonder, why does talking about a favorite childhood toy prompt me to shirk…