Travel for Food: Poland & Germany

It’s become such a cliché to sit in a restaurant taking picture of your food. I don’t know what it is about food porn, but it sells, just as well as travel and fashion porn. Perhaps the reason for is its close link to one of the 7 deadly sins. Gluttony which is excessive indulgent which mostly is link to food, but honestly this can be applied to most material tangible things that we make us loss control. To celebrate a year of eating out “occasional” that a look at my favorite places.


Address: U2 3, 68161, Mannheim Germany

Bori is a small Korean restaurant with limited seating no reservation needed. Serving the best kimchi and pork ribs.

Mémoires d’Indochine am Paradeplatz

Address: C2 10A, 68159 Mannheim, Germany

This is a Vietnamese fusion restaurant. It’s a perfect spot for vegans and vegetarians.


Address: K4 11, 68159 Mannheim, Germany

Akropolis is a Greek restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. It has the best escargot and seafood here. The one thing everyone raves about are the lamb chops.

I visited Mielec Poland this year for 2 months. While there I got the opportunity to dine-out and I must say I was never less than pleased.

Rock and Roll Café

Address: Księdza Skargi 11 a, 39-300 Mielec, Poland

Steak with Sweet Potatoes Fries

As the name suggest this is an American style dining experience with a menu filled with burgers, fajitas, pizza, and milkshakes.


Address: Leopolda Staffa 4A, 39-300 Mielec, Poland

This was one of the most popular places for me and my co-workers to visit. The big seller were the steaks especially when they had the discounted Monday menu. Their menu have changed a bit, but its an enjoyable place to visit on a first date or just to be around friends. Fratelli is also known for its sushi menu.

Polski Hotel Restaurant

Biernackiego 12, 39-300 Mielec, Poland

I stayed at this place and can recall that one of my favor things to order was the shrimp scampi with fries. It was an appetizer but for me it was always the best thing.

Shrimp Scampi with bread on the side (Polski Hotel in Mielec, Poland)

The last place I ate at, I honestly don’t even know the name. It was just a food stand that sold Mexican food. The best thing I ever had during that point on my lunch break were the pork tacos with extra lemons and cilantro.

Pork Tacos with extra lemons/cilantro

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