Travel: Random Day Trip to Amsterdam

This was an unplanned trip to Amsterdam.

View from Hilton Amsterdam

We drove from Baden-Wurttember state in Germany to Amsterdam and it took about 5 hours.

While I have been to Amsterdam before and walked the streets on a 12 – 24-hours layover. I generally go to the hotel then find a local restaurant.  This time around I went with a group who wanted to indulge in the offerings of Amsterdam.

Since this past weekend was rainy and overcast; plus, we arrived at the end of the day I had very little natural light. So, this blog is just to show case the pictures.

Dinner at Café De Klos

Location: Kerkstraat 41, 1017 GB Amsterdam, Netherlands

We ate here the first night and honestly, I do not like saying that I a resturant’s food isn’t great if I only ate there once. But didn’t like the food at this place. It is known for ribs. This is a no frill restaurant that doesn’t have a website, don’t take reservations over the phone, no delivery, and is mashed up next to an Italian restaurant and weed shops.

I found the ribs bland, and I guess after having ribs from Texas I can say they are very different. The one person who had pork chops also felt the same way about their meal, but overall, the experience was more about being in the company of good people.  Would I try Café De Klos again? Maybe!

I would say that the salad was good, and the classic ribs are the better ribs.

Here is a few tips for a day

If you dont like crowds dont go on the weekend.

If you want to enjoy shopping, don’t go on the weekend and if you do go early.

Pay for parking or take the train.

If you go on the weekend plan where you want to go and be ready to walk up to 15 minutes to get there.

Wear comfortable shoes or take the taxi/tram.

If you drive watch out for the bikes and electric scooters

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