Tales: Bloganuary # 11 (Boldly Living Bourdain-ism)

The prompt for Day 11 of the Bloganuary challenge is “What does it mean to live boldly?” To live boldly generally means to live a life without reservations.  I use the word reservation becaues it will forever remind me of Anthony Bourdain.  A figure who has inspired me to travel and start a blog that…

Travel: Day Trip to Salzburg Austria

My trip to Austria started with a 30-minute drive to Kaiserslautern, Germany, followed by a midnight 6-hour bus ride and early morning entrance into the 4th largest city in Austria. Like Colon Germany, Salzburg, Austria was built on the settlement of an old Roman town called Iuvavum. Based on my experience in Colon; I was…

Travel for Food: Mannheim Germany

I have been away for almost a month, but even a travel food blogger has to take a break. Rejuvenized, I’m back and ready to review my most recent ventures in the city of Mannheim. While visiting Mannheim, I went on an eating adventure. As I foraged through the food landscape, I hit some incredible…

Travel for Food: Hawaiian Style 

I was lucky enough to spend a few days visiting a friend who now resides in Lanikai Hawaii. Through her, I was able to eat at a few spots she often raved about. First on the list was Over Easy, a renewed breakfast and brunch restaurant, followed by my first experience with Hawaiian shaved ice….

Travel: A Day at the Beach

For this blog, I decided to limit my words and use pictures to illustrate my experience. I want to present my weekend in photos from my visit to Fashion Island in Newport Beach and Newport Beach Pier.

Travel for Food: Eating Around California, O.C. (Part 1)

I have been going to California for a few months now for work. It has only been during a recent visit where I was able to venture out in orange county to dine-in at a few establishments. The lockdown kept everyone either preparing their own food or ordering take away meals. While I do miss…

Travel for Food Las Vegas (Chapter 2)

A few days before the New Year, I headed back to Nevada for a killer hike and to spend my entrance into 2021 in a more energetic place. Here is a highlight of what I ate and where I ate!

Tales: Rural Lifestyle Foodies (Part 2)

The YouTube channel Traditional Me is owned by Sri Lankan based, content creator Nadee. Her hobby is making delicious food for her family found in her native land of Sri Lanka and other neighboring places such as India, Malay, and Arabic countries.

Travel for Food: Cologne Germany

For hidden behind gothic towers, ancient stories, and Roman ruins was a world of refinement, diversity, and a modern twist on German classics.

Travel: Cologne Germany (Part 1)

Cologne or Köln, as it is called by the natives, is a place of resilience, high culture and is known as the economic capital of Rhineland.