Tales: 6 Best Candle Companies + Candle Care Tips

I have a weakness for flowers and candles; it’s the kind of weakness that leaves me craving the visual and olfactory sensations that come from smelling well-made candles and seeing beautiful flowers on my table. So indulging in buying candles has taught me a thing or two about burning them and what scents work best for me. Below I have pulled the best candles based … Continue reading Tales: 6 Best Candle Companies + Candle Care Tips

Tales: Gift Yourself!

his year being in a place of fortune, I gifted myself a few items that I take great pleasure in using and reviewing. Some are consumable items, while others, I will have for a long time or at least until I cannot find any use for them. I feel like I spoiled myself, but the most significant Christmas gift I received that couldn’t successfully be listed and reviewed was being in the company of other happy people. Sometimes I forget how contagious happiness and laughter is. Continue reading Tales: Gift Yourself!

Tales: Shiny Things (Affordable Jewelry)

From an early age I understood that while shiny things were nice to look at, I could not own all of them. The first lesson in this came while I was in high school. We had a guest speaker who worked at a law firm and was a well-seasoned lawyer and businesswoman. She essentially spoke to us about various career related topics, and what adulting … Continue reading Tales: Shiny Things (Affordable Jewelry)