Travel: A Day at the Beach

Newport Beach Pier

For this blog, I decided to limit my words and use pictures to illustrate my experience. I want to present my weekend in photos from my visit to Fashion Island in Newport Beach, Newport Beach Pier, and Off the Hook at the Original Fish CO.

Newport Beach Pier

On Mother’s Day weekend, I visited the Newport Pier located in Newport Beach, California.  This pier was once known as McFadden Wharf and was completed in 1888, which means that it is well over 100+ years old and registered as a California Historical Landmark. This pier was turned into a recreation area in 1902 and became a tourist destination. Like the other piers I have visited, it is very similar with a long beach line, biking area, cafes, walking area, stores, bars, playground, yacht park, and nice beachfront homes.  Not too far from that is Fashion Island, which is an indoor-outdoor shopping center with a movie theater, stores, cafes, and restaurants.

Fashion Island

Fashion Island is a mall in Newport Beach featuring luxury stores, cafes, and stores with spacious outdoor areas for sitting and peaople watching.

Fashion Island Newport, CA

Off the Hook at the Original Fish CO


I visited Off the Hook for a Sunday dinner and enjoy an early dinner in a relaxing environment.

Off The Hook at the original fish CO in Los Alamitos, CA

We started out with a Caprese salad, then enjoyed their battered fish and broccolini and the Chilean Seabass.

Well that was my weekend in a nutshell; a long walk on the beach and through the mall ending with dinner at the Off The Hook.

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