Tales: A Story I Couldn’t Tell  (Final Act)

It’s the final act, and it still doesn’t feel like I have adequately spread the butter on this toast. Have I said enough or was it too much? I think it’s too little, as no life could be encapsulated in a four-part blog. I presumed that no one would read this far into this blog because this post isn’t littered with fancy pictures from a recent trip, so it feels more comfortable to truly write how I feel.

Tales: A Story I Couldn’t Tell (Act III)

I grew up reading romance novels, but this genre is problematic in the way they position men and women in society. While these novels continue to be an excellent escape for me and could be credited with encouraging me to read more during my teenage years. Deep down inside, I know that I am a romantic at heart, but just like fairytales,

Tales: A Story I Couldn’t Tell (Act I)

Warning, this blog will be about me for the first time in a long time. Perhaps this isn’t the type of writing expected from me, but I desperately want to tip the bucket over to prove that looks and behaviors can be deceiving.

Tales: Bloganuary (No Toys for a Child)

The prompt for day four of Bloganuary is “What was your favorite toy as a child?”   I honestly wanted to skip this prompt today because I felt this topic was too basic and didn’t spark joy. But, then I started to wonder, why does talking about a favorite childhood toy prompt me to shirk…

Tales: Bloganuary (Leaving my Comfort Zone for Friends)

The prompt for day three of Bloganuary is “Write about the last time you left your comfort zone.” I have been leaving my comfort zone for most of my life. As a young adult, I learned that in order to navigate the world, I frequently had to experience varying levels of awkwardness and vulnerability. At…

Tales: 愛のコリーダ In the Realm of the Senses

In the Realm of the Senses or L ’Empire des Sens is a Japanese art film released in 1976. This film tells the story of two lovers and the passion that engulfs them as ones’ obsession turns deadly. This sounds like an introduction to a Lifetime movie, one where the man or woman does something…

Tales: Stories from Grandma and Friends

I am not asking anyone to believe any of these stories. I just wanted to share some of the tales that I was told. I feel privileged to listened to these stories and connected with these people on a level that made them feel comfortable with telling me these things.

Tales: Delight in Horror – Part 2

I swear, I will get to my horror movie list shortly, but I still have to explain why I have made this genre mine. This is the last part of the blog so take this as my Ode to Horror.  The first horror movie I truly enjoyed, made me think about what was going on…

Tales: What I’ve Learnt Thus Far…

Ultimately the best lessons I’ve consumed during these months is understanding that the world is a mad place, and it will always be. It will be no madder today than 100 years ago or 100 years from now. Just like everyone else, I march forwards with the crowd until we cannot march anymore, all while coming to various conclusions about ourselves and life, and this is what I’ve learned thus far.

Travel: Athens in 3 Days (June)

I took a short trip to Greece with little to no forward planning and experienced Athens like a real tourist. This is my Greek experience in 3 days! My plan for Greece started off with a hotel selection that was not my choice, but I went with it. For my 3 days in Athens, I…

Travel: 7 Days in King’s Landing (Dubrovnik Croatia)

I enjoyed my vacation in Croatia even if it took the Game of Thrones to get me to visit. I must admit I would love to visit this country again, but next time I want to visit the world heritage sites and a few other cities. My experience in Dubrovnik was very positive; the people whether they were Croatians or from neighboring countries are very nice and made this country worth seeing again.

Travel: I visited Aruba

The island is gorgeous, the people are friendly and always willing to give advice. I stayed in the Noord area at Palm Beach at the Ritz-Carlton, there were other hotels, bars, casinos, and shops along the beach so, walking was always a fun activity.

Tales: Shame – First Period Story (Part 3)

Almost a year after I started my period a group of nurses came to my high school to conduct a presentation for all the girls.  I remember we gathered in the school library where the entire female student body gathered to observe the presentation.  The presentation started with a brief introduction, then we watched a…

Tales: Shame – First Period Story (Part 2)

One by one girls in my village fell to Eve’s curse.  Many of the girls started their period in the first year of high school.  I started my period on my summer break after I ended second-form which to most Americans and Canadians is known as eighth-grade.  I was lucky enough to start it during…