Tales: FKA Twigs – C e l l o p h a n e

It was sometime in 2014 when I stumbled upon Tahliah Debrett Barnett a musician, director, songwriter, and performer known as FKA Twigs. I discovered her music on YouTube, which is where I have been discovering all my newer music. I grew up in the era of muFJAsic video countdowns, and I watched anything from VH1 video countdowns, MTV’s TRL, and BET 106 & Park or I would hear music on the radio or playing in the background of a movie. Back then, this was how I learned about new music, how I came to know songs, and the performers. Now if I hear a song playing in the background of something, I might make a mad dash to my laptop to Google it. Other times my YouTube account might somehow incorporate music videos into my recommended list.  Outside of that, there is word of mouth, but as a working adult, I just do not have the opportunity to discover new music anymore.

Let me stop banging on and introduce you to FKA Twigs an English all-around performer who first captivated me with the lyrical line “I’m a sweet, little love maker” from her 2014 song titled Pendulum. Recently I revisited the music video, and all I can say is “Yes I forgot, how I fell in love” with her music. Her sounds are refreshing, clean, and cuts through the air to tickle my sensory organs. Her music has been described as hypnotic, but the images she pairs with her sound is unworldly. It’s as if she does not belong to this planet and does not care to be.

FKA Twigs recently dropped a new music video for her song Cellophane on Apr 24, 2019. It’s strung together with such grace and emotion that I hardly have the words to describe it. The music video shows her performing killer moves on a pole, which adds another level of elegance to pole dancing. If you do not want to take my word for it, check out the video. And yes FKA Twigs you did it for me, I hope I can do it for you too.

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