Tales: Doja Cat – Juicy (The Color Show)

Doja Cat performing Juicy on A COLORS SHOW (YouTube channel)

The first time I heard of Doja Cat was when her music video for a song called Tia Tamara became popular. This song was an ode to the Sister Sister actresses Tia and Tamera Mowry. I became aware of the song thanks to a YouTuber by the name of Expressive who reviewed the music video and raved about how much the Mowry sisters loved it. I watched the music video, and my first thoughts were it was colorful, happy, and the two performers (Doja Cat & Rico Nasty) appeared to be having a blast. I will be honest the aesthetic reminded me of Nicki Minaj when she used to wear the colorful crazy wigs, loud nails, and neon colors. The imagery was giving me an 80s and 90s vibe, but also implanted the idea that Doja Cat wanted to be different and so much more than just another female rapper rapping over beats. After hearing the song, a couple of times, I bought the single and listened to it almost every day while riding my bike to work.

Then last month I ran into her performance on another YouTube channel called Colors or A Colors Show. This time she was performing a song called Juicy, and from that one performance and song, I bought her entire album. Doja’s performance in all pink in a pink room was bubbly, and her confidence was infectious. She looked happy, her flow and rhymes were on point, and the song is worth listening to. Her performance seems organic as if it was done in one take, and even when she looked at the camera it seemed very natural.  I have a feeling that this song will push her out to a broader audience and even increase the age range of listeners. Juicy is so catchy that I can see my parents bopping to it even if they can’t understand all the words. Her look on set might seem eccentric, but a lot of us wish we could wear all pink the way she did and get away with it.

Doja Cat is someone to look out for; there is only so much Megatron and Press we can listen to before we get turned off by the brand-heavy and the body images, they want to sell us.  Watching and listening to her makes me feel grateful because it’s not every day you witness a genuine person make music, I wish Doja Cat the best of luck on her journey. I love her already and I’ve only just started listening.

Now watch her performance on the Color Show.

Doja Cat – Juicy | A COLORS SHOW

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