Tales: The School of Affluence


anna1.jpgOnce again, I have stumbled upon a gem buried deep in the YouTube coal mine. I don’t know how I came across this channel, but I am glad I did. I am talking about the School of Affluence by Anna Bey. Yes, I know there are many other reviews about her millionaire matchmaking skills, her blog called Jetsetbabe, accusations of being a gold-digger and anti-feminism, and while some might even call her controversial, I call her intriguing.

In a nutshell, Anna Bey’s channel and business model is about delivering a level of sophistication and elegance to women to help them navigate high society while achieving a luxurious lifestyle and of course, procuring the perfect partner. When you look at her blog and website, you see words like self-transformation, fashion, luxury, beauty, travel, high-society, and lifestyle. While I know there are many creators out there throwing around those same words, Anna seems believable as she has the experience to back it up. Folks Anna has lived the life of a jet-set babe and is willing to share it with us, and I think that is saying a lot because many women who do this aren’t open to sharing. They either feel ashamed based on what society thinks of them or they could care less about passing down secrets. I have always been fascinated by women who date affluent men especially when they come from a life that was the total opposite of that. I think this fascination started after I heard all the scandalous stories of the many women who jetted off to Dubai or France to be paid thousands of dollars to do questionable things for luxury. It’s a world that I am curious about, but only from afar.

The YouTube Channel

5279126-6302737-image-a-37_1540208922879-1540492036The first video I saw was one discussing which luxury bags are not classy.  Without thinking about this, I had already established the mindset that specific designs and trendy things did not seem classy.  For instance, she spoke of the monogram bags with big logos and why it is perhaps not a good idea to invest in those bags. A good example is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag; I have attempted to buy this bag a few times, but I can never make the purchase. I see too many people wearing it, its easily replicated, and it’s becoming a symbol of borderline mediocre expectations and single-mindedness. Of course, this is only my opinion. Still, when I walked into a Louis Vuitton store to buy a bag like that, I am always sidetracked by the other very well made leather goods with fewer logos and monograms, that strangely aren’t as popular as the bags with the logos.  I do not like large bulging logos on my items, I like a minimalist looks, but I also want to look beyond those pieces and see more of what a designer has to offer. This is a part of the understated class and sophistication that Anna talks about. It is something that I learned years ago from watching other women especially french women.  I found her videos very refreshing and entertaining without being too pretentious. Her entire YouTube channel seems to be this way, imparting knowledge unpretentiously.

School Of Affluence


I am a naturally shy person who prefers smaller crowds, fewer friends, and while I can dream up the perfect scenario where I run into a wealthy man who falls head over heels for me and begs to take care of me. That dream is still a bit scary and may only be relegated to being just another dream. I am not as adept at socializing as Anna, but that does not stop me from wanting to attend the School of Affluence.  It seems interesting and while I took basic etiquette class from the 4-6 grade I thought perhaps an updated refresher would hit the spot.  I would love to learn more about fashion, sophistication, the basic do’s and don’ts, and investigate her lifestyle. While some might argue that this is a course for gold diggers, I would say it’s just as much for fashion lovers as it is for the gal looking for a rich guy. I think women who don’t intend on using it to catch a rich man could at least learn to put themselves together like an affluent lady.

Anna Bey

802be737766e21f82fdab00888b3951dIn all the videos I have watched, Anna has repeatably said that she comes from humble beginnings growing up in Stockholm, Sweden. Her jet-set lifestyle started once she left Stockholm and moved to Rome at the age of 19 with her student loan and a plan to study Italian for a year. She started making friends in Rome, and that’s when her connections began to grow. She also worked at nightclubs, met lots of people, and actively sought out experiences that put her near wealth. Her first affluent boyfriend was the one who laid the groundwork for her. This made Anna see that this lifestyle was what she wanted. Once that relationship was over, she decided that she wanted all her relationships to continue in a similar manner and knew that she could continue to do better for herself.  I would say that Anna accidentally fell into this lifestyle, but is very forthcoming about her goals and what she wanted to do.

While some might say that this makes her a bit questionable, I believe that she learned what she wanted through her first experience and this was what propelled her dreams. To me, this shows that anyone could achieve their dreams if the right circumstances are laid out in front of them and if they take a leap of faith. In 2012 she created a blog to share her experiences, which then grew into what it is today. According to her, the philosophy she lives by is straightforward, and that’s everything is possible, if you want something in life, you must go and get it, because it will never happen otherwise. She puts a lot of emphasis on goals, motivation, and empowerment of women while transforming into someone who can confidently navigate high society all while still fulfilling a dream.

anna-bey-writerI will be honest; not everyone can be as lucky as Anna, and very rarely does anyone talk about the downside of this lifestyle. I sincerely hope that at some point, we as viewers are bought back to reality to learn the risks, low moments, and issues with curating this type of lifestyle. Regardless of how anyone views this blog or Anna, I do appreciate what she has to say, she appeals to me, and I will continue watching. 

Name: Anna Bey

YouTube Channel:  School Of Affluence


Instagram: @schoolofaffluence

Blog: JetsetBabe.com

Facebook: facebook.com/groups/jetsetbabe





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  1. nubeings says:

    I’m’ going to have to get into her channel so I get a more pinpoint understanding of her message. Great article.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hi! Have you read our three -part Review of the School? 🙂 We go into a lot of detail.


    1. I didnt see your review, but I am about to run and check this out!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s great! I wrote it for women considering doing the course – there were no proper reviews out there, so I hope this helps! x


      2. Thanks I am going to look at your review.


  3. I love seeing Ana Bey’s pictures, that gives me a lot of inspiration.
    I’m on my personal self development thanks to her, it’s really doing SO WELL 😉
    By the way u express, with very deep and inner emotions, very honestly, I think u deserve a good partner in real life, not only in your dreams!
    I think she really is a truly feminist, I love her, as well as your review.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love Anna no matter what people say! I think she is pumping out good vibes and that’s what is important, what she is doing now matters not what came before. I noticed a lot of lady using her as inspiration


      1. Yeah, I also get inspired by her 🌸


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