Tales & Travel: Time Traveling to the Past

It’s 2022, and I found myself trying to take pictures like I used to, but I feel a bit unsexy and more body-conscious than usual. This isn’t a new thing for me, but that single act of trying to take a nice picture led me to look at all my old photos from 2007 until most recently. I was shocked at how I’d changed, but mostly at how slim and trim I was, but I still suffered from low self-esteem issues even at a smaller size. I don’t think I will ever return to where I was in terms of weight and physic, but I wish I appreciated it more while I was that version of myself. Seeing these pictures took me on a time travel loop into the past. I saw all the places I have visited, all the moments I shared, and quietly remembered what I was thinking during that taking of these pictures.

Oh, the nostalgia!

Come with me as I re-live some of the unique places I visited and learn about what I remember about these places. I am time traveling back in time, visiting over 18 plus place I was fortunate to see in person.



Iceland was a recent trip and one that I want to do again. It was cold, rainy, and windy; but still managed to leave a good impression.



I visited this place with a roommate who became a dear friend. Buenos Aires was a dream and seemed to mimic many great cities in Europe and the United States, but El Calafate and El Chatan were like walking through a dream.

Patagonia felt like a spiritual awakening.

I do remember the long hike I secretly wanted to quit after 30 minutes. I look back at that, and I am glad I did it.



I got up the courage to visit this place alone, seeking refuge in a small fishing village now turned tourist spot called Krabi. The people of Thailand are lovely, and their food is splendid. I still dream of Krabi and I want to go back.



I have visited this place more times, that I can’t even tell you the number of times I had to fly to this city.

I love it; while over the top, I still think anyone can find a unique side to this place that will make you want to return. I wish I could live and work there!



Kuwait grew on me after working there for a year or more. While it’s not a place on anyone’s must visit-list, just do it if you get a chance to. While you are there, take a stroll through the markets and Kuwait City.



New York City

I first visited NYC in 2008 and had the opportunity to go to various places within that city on more than 2 dozen occasions. There is magic in this place that keeps people going back, wanting to visit, or never wanting to leave.

It’s very multicultural and has many unique stories. Visiting the MET museum was always my favorite thing.




Although I have only visited this place once, I think the castles in this country are the most beautiful. The colors and stonework seem unbelievable. The cobblestone and tiled streets; and the warm friendliness of the people are all reasons to visit.



I first visited France in 2013 and fell in love with the southern cities. It’s a laid-back and unpretentious place sometimes, but it’s the place where writers’ dreams are made of.

I read “A Year in Provence” a few years before seeing the south of France, and I couldn’t believe how true to real life it was. The dream woven in that book is true; I, too, want to spend a year there.

Paris is a place I most recently visited. I always imagine it was like NYC, and in some ways, it is, but it has its own unique take on urban cities built on centuries of culture. Seeing the Eiffel Tower light up around midnight was a treat.


Cologne Germany

This city isn’t too far away from where I am currently. It will always hold a special place in my heart, and perhaps it’s the only German city that will. The cathedral and chocolate factory are a must-visit!



Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a place that all Americans must visit once. The beaches, food, people, culture are the highlight. To be honest the food and laid-back-ness are the main reasons I love Puerto Rico. This picture was taken in 2014 in Aquadilla.




Another Caribbean paradise with warm beaches, cute lizards, and all the sunbathing you need.  I visited this place in 2015 during May and I remember the beach was the main highlight for me. I recall walking for almost a half a mile into the sea and the water only reaching up to my hips.




I should have moved to Milan in 2021, but my hopes were dashed thanks to COVID-19. I first visited Italy in 2013 and loved the southern area of Positano and the Amalfi Coast.

I also visited Rome, Tuscani, Pompeii, and Vatican City. The food, people, colors, sounds, and smells of Italy are intoxicating. Its a dream to live there let alone visit.



I visited Barcelona in 2013, and it’s always been a memorable trip. Not only did I look my best, but I felt very comfortable in this city. Oh, how I wish I could teleport to Barcelona now. Barcelona’s oldest market (marcat) was a place I  visited more than once, and I will never forget the bar were I ate razor clams in garlic and butter sauce.


Copenhagen, Denmark

While visiting this city, I saw the royal palace and was almost ran over by the king.

Can you imagine a country where a king actually drives his own car? I visited this place in September, which was a bit cold and rainy, but a long day indoors at the national Museum quickly changed that. I remember that everyone speaks English in this country  and their accents were perfect.


Oslo, Norway

I visited this place in 2016 to attend a college tour and to unwind from work. However, although short, my trip to Norway in March of 2016 really didn’t quench my thirst as I hope to return someday.


Salzburg, Austria

While my trip to this city was only a day trip. It was beautiful and worth seeing this coming summer again.



I visited Athens and saw most of the more famous monuments within two days. After that, I walked around the city, visiting various art galleries.


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia was a well-planned and anticipated trip a year before Game of Throne’s final season. I wanted to see the place that King’s Landing was depicted from, and I was not disappointed.

The Old City of Dubrovnik seems straight out of a story. This is another place where I wouldn’t mind living. While in Croatia, other places you have to visit is Ston and Korčula Island, where Marco Polos’ house still stands.



Qatar was a surprise to me. I didn’t think I would like it as much as I did after visiting. Qatar’s National Museum is a must-see along with Pearl Island and its historic marketplaces.


Abu Dhabi

It wouldn’t be hard to pick between Abu Dhabi and Dubai; if I was told that I could work and live in the United Arab Emirates. While I said I wish I could work and live in Dubai, I think Abu Dhabi comes first to Dubai. Abu Dhabi is laid back with less traffic, lines, and tourists.

While in Abu Dhabi, I visited the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and Louvre Museum. Both are remarkable architectures that will give you hours of aesthetic bliss.


Washington, D.C

I used to live and work very close to D.C. and have the fortune and misfortune of having too many friends come to visit me. So when I say that I have seen the D.C monuments about 20 times, it’s not an over statement. D.C is easily the most unique and relocation-worthy city; it has everything. Politicians, military bases, chic bars, museums, and historical places.




Afghanistan is many things, but it’s not a tourist destination. Afghanistan used to be a popular location to travel to during the 60s to early 70s, but now it’s just a place synonymous with war, Taliban, explosions, and military campaigns. To be honest, I would put Afghanistan up there with Patagonia and Iceland. It’s a beautiful country with beautiful people.

Things to know about Afghanistan is that it has the most beautiful terrain I have ever seen, plus it’s the third-largest location of semi-precious stones.

During my time here I met a British service member who told me her mother and father visited Afghanistan in the late 50s to 60s. When they got married, they spent part of their honeymoon hiking and getting high in Afghanistan. Her parents bought home authentic Afgan rugs, blankets, and bowels made out of lapis lazuli.


While I have come to the end of my list, I am not done yet! Just now, I thought of all the fun I had in places such as Las Vegas, Arizona, California, Miami, Mexico, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Canada, and Califonia. I hope that this new year and many more new years to come will see me visiting places I have always wanted to see ever since I was a child. Places like Ireland, Scotland, India, Africa, Peru, and The Philipines. I also hope to revisit some of the cities and countries I have listed above and finally see all the old places that amazed me upon first glance and talk with old friends who I haven’t seen in years.

I hope you enjoyed my version of time traveling.

Happy New Year, welcome to 2022!



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  1. You have visited beautiful places! Afghanistan is a hidden gem 🙂


    1. Yes, Afghanistan is one of the most unique places I ever visited. The people were nice, the country was beautiful, and the food was delicious. A part of me miss going there, but look forward to visiting in the future I hope


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