Tales: Bloganuary (Laughing at the Comment Section)

Day 7 prompt was What makes you laugh?

This topic isn’t something that I think of very often. I can say that there are no actual defining criteria on what makes me break out in joyful laugher. One moment it can be because I am watching scenes from the old Dave Chapelle tv show and then its becaseu I watched a videos of people falling on ice. I can say that my humor is very visual as the internet tends to be all about visuals.

The most recent addition to my humor is reading comment sections. I find myself scrolling down into the comments to read what others have to say. I have found myself spending ungodly hours scrolling through comments belting out laughing at the silly stuff people put in response to random videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or just about anything that has a comment section.

One video I can think about most recently comes from a TikToker named Bigfoot Bea. Bigfoot Bea is someone dressed up in a bigfoot custume with a pink bow around the waist to designate gender. Back in June 2021, I saw the first video of this character pop up in away that made you chuckle. The person dressed in this costume was walking across a beautiful backdrop carrying a cup walking in an over-the-top manner. A few days after seeing the video pop up over and over again, I decided to check the comment section, and there is where I almost fell out in laughter. She had thousands of funny comments of people just going along with the idea of a Bigfoot influencer.

I am still amazed at ordinary people’s perfect comedic timing when commenting on videos or memes online. A deeper study of this needs to be done to understand what is going on here. I was never a big comment section reader, but after reading her comment section, I realized that the genuine humor is hidden in the comment section and not in what the person is doing in the video.

While this might be a trivial attempt to explain what makes me laugh, these days it seems anything silly can put a smile on my face and that’s all I really need.

Cheers to the comment sections for always being so dam funny, I know it can be a toxic place,  but I tend to think there is some good left there.

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