Tales: Witch! Witch! You’re a Witch! (Part 3)

As poorly written as this story is, it’s based on true events, without sugar coating or adding any extra excitement here is what happened to me.

lucid dreaming
Lucid Dreams

A few months after that I started having strange dreams, and very intense feelings to go along with these dreams. The first dream happened sometime after October of the year this all stated, but shortly after I started dating my first boyfriend.  A dream came to me one night in the form of a very real event, I dreamt that my mother went to work with a flu and accidently burnt her arm. Doing this prompted her employer to send her to the hospital; where she was admitted for treatment of the burns and the flu at the same time. After running a few tests on her they decided to keep her overnight because they discovered that she had an irregular heartbeat.  My dream ended there, but was realistic enough for me to ponder on it throughout the day.  That afternoon while visiting with my boyfriend, I told him about it because it was on my mind and I felt I had to release it.  After hanging with him I headed back home and found my grandmother on the phone with my mother.  After she got off the phone she told me that my mother was sick. Then as if I was trapped in some alternate universe where events repeated itself in a random déjà vu pattern, I was presented with the details of my dream by my grandmother.  She told me that my mother had the flu, and while at work she accidently spilled hot wax on her arm which forced her to go to the hospital.  Unlike my dream she didn’t stay in the hospital, that same day my great-aunt who was like a mother to me also had to go to the hospital.  Based on the request of her doctor she stay overnight for further examination of an irregular heartbeat.  When my grandmother told me this I quickly recanted the details of my dream to her.  Words couldn’t describe how I felt when similarities to my dreams and reality was laid out before me.  I was impressed at the events that unfolded, but shocked and wondered what it could all mean.

After that year I endured a host of dreams and similar feelings, which I ignored or pondered on.  While I cannot truly recall any more memorable events months or even a year or two after these events those initial occurrences stuck with me until something happened again.

To be continued…

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  1. victoriaisle says:

    Not sure how many ppl will read this, but I am curious to know if anyone else thought this was odd. I tried to dismiss this happening because I feared someone would say I was a liar or wanted attention back then.


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