Tales: Witch! Witch! You’re a Witch! (Part 4)

As poorly written as this story is, it’s based on true events, without sugar coating or adding any extra excitement here is what happened to me.

gunWhen I joined the National Guard and was sent to Iraq I started dreaming again. This time I fell asleep while on tower guard duty and that’s when one of my strangest dreams unfolded. At the time I was having issues with an ex-boyfriend who in many dreams I was constantly battling. In fact this was one of many dreams where we were engaged in full on battle.  In this dream I was dressed in my uniform covered in tactical gear with my weapon. Then somehow I was transported from Iraq back to the village I grew up in on my island. There I was with other members of my squad preforming tactical movements on the approaching enemy who happened to be my ex.  We all lined up and opened fire  and manage to pull off a shoot-out that was similar to a country-western movie.  In the end we manage to kill him after a long battle, but I was certain it wasn’t my bullet that killed him. For some reason that particular gun battle lasted in my memory. It was a very real and scary dream, but for some reason it was very satisfying to finally conquer someone who had caused trouble in my life. The dream continued to repeat itself in various ways that ended with him being killed by a gun that didn’t belong to me. There was no rhyme or reason to these dreams, they came randomly and sometimes in the dream I was simply receiving information about his passing by way of violence.  Other times I was the one in the distance shooting at him, while other times it was strangers. Then as years passed the dream changed, and I became a constant witness to his demise. I never thought much of this until 23rd September 2012, when he was actually killed standing in a public area by mask men wheeling a gun. When news reached me millions of miles away I was shocked, and didn’t think of my dream until hours after. Long after the news hit me, that’s when I recalled the dreams and started to really wonder what was going on.  I initially had the most vivid version of this dream 5 years before the event actually happened.  I kept having the dream repeat itself in various ways, which made it seem unlikely to happen. It was easy for me to say I was fixated on the problem between us which cause me to have those dreams. While, I started to question whether this was all coincidental, I was really beginning to fear having bad dream or heart wrenching gut feelings about situations I found myself in.

As life went on I had many dreams and gut feelings about many things. Some dream literally disrupted my day and altered my emotions while I was awake. Sometimes I would have terrible dreams about situations or family members that made me withdraw during the day. Some were very sad and caused my depression or even had me lashing out at the people around me.  While other feelings made me question people’s loyalty and truthfulness. The only thing I can say about what was and is going on with me is that at any level of intuitiveness I possessed, I had to learn to truth these feelings and try to rationalize my dreams.

…to be continued

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