Travel for Food: Krabi Thailand

treeThe first time I ever set foot in Thailand was in 2014 when I visited Bangkok and Krabi. I spent 12 days in the busy capital of Bangkok visiting the MBK shopping center, Floating Market, and shamelessly riding an elephant all while soaking up the hustle of the city. I’d heard stories of Thailand for years, but those were mostly from men who took me stories of the Thai ladies and the magic tricks they could do with their pussies and of course the ladyboys. I had such conflicting feelings about Thailand for all I heard was about the incredible poverty, cheap prostitution, wild parties, and human trafficking; while on the other hand it was always described as one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world, the land of many smiles, rich in culture, color, and life. My first impression of Bangkok was that it was hectic but very capable of juxtaposing modern living with tradition. It was a beautiful blend of chaos and life all happening all at once. After my 12 days were over, I headed to Krabi to visit a friend who raved about the quietness, beaches, food, and massage shops. Krabi is a southern province on the west coast of Thailand bordering the Andaman sea. It is very close to Phi Phi Leh island, which is the island made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie The Beach. According to my taxi driver in Bangkok, Krabi is also known for the fishing trade, which was music to my ears because I love seafood. I later found out the Krabi was also known as the oldest settlement that continues to date.

The moment I landed in Krabi, I felt instant relief and denoted a strange familiarity about the place. It felt like I was back home in the West Indies traveling to my tiny village. Although Krabi is more than a little village, I felt a sense of community there. I recall sitting on the taxi looking at the landscape as it passed by and couldn’t help but noticed the gigantic limestone cliffs jutting out of the earth. When I got to the hotel, my friend swept me away taking me down to Ao Nang to a seafood restaurant and here is where my food journey and love affair with Krabi begun.  My first trip to Krabi was in 2014, and every two years I’ve returned to the same places to eat the same food.


Ao Nang Seafood Bar & Restaurant

ano bar
Outside Ao Nang Seafood Bar & Restaurant

The first time I went to this restaurant was in 2014, then again in 2016, and 2018. I have always found the Ao Nang Restaurant to be a medley of mix experience, regardless of this, my favorite dish is deep-fried garlic crab, and fried rice served in a pineapple with watermelon juice. The restaurant hosts an excellent view of the beach along the main drag, and if you get there at the right time, you can enjoy a side of sunset with dinner. There is a constant supply of fresh seafood where guest can get anything from grilled fresh squid, the large seafood plate with clams, fish, mussels, and crab. If you are anything like me then you know seafood is life, so every time I went to Ao Nang Seafood Bar & Restaurant my meal always looks like this.


Spring Rolls 
Deep Fry Garlic Crab
Vegetable Fry-Rice in Pineapple
krabi crab
Seafood Platter 
Chicken served with pineapple and sweet sauce 
View from Ao Nang Seafood Bar & Restaurant



The Hilltop Ao Nang Restaurant


This is a restaurant I would highly recommend reserving a table to. It has gorgeous elevated views of Krabi, and the food is equally as delicious as the view. The restaurant sometimes has live music, and I find the prices reasonable based on the food and ambiance. I have been to the Hilltop Restaurant many times, and I have never honestly been disappointed with the menu.

(Above Picture): Freshly cooked Garlic Scallops, Fried Shrimps, Fried Squid, and Vegetable Spring Rolls 

I would highly suggest booking reservations instead of showing up and hoping for a table at sunset.

Book Table here:


While I can banter on about all the other places I have grazed at, Ao Nang Seafood Bar & Restaurant and the Hilltop Restaurant in Ao Nang are the two places I keep returning to year after year. I am a creature of habit, driven by my gastro inclinations. They have never let me down, and I find comfort in the consistency and deliciousness of their dishes. While I’ve only ever visited Bangkok and Krabi in all the years I have been going to Thailand; I never get bored with Krabi. I find it to be a relaxing and almost magical place. Krabi has somehow taken a whole of my soul and now even though the thought of visiting Phuket or Pattaya crosses my mind from time to time I somehow feel incapable of going once my memories of Krabi come back.





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