Travel: Dubai’s Address Boulevard Revisited (2019)

Address Boulevard Lobby

For someone who travels to various places, I have learnt to take things as they come and never expect consistency. After all, life is about how we deal with hiccups and knowing that we can never have things go our way all the time. It’s at this point I must tell readers that I have been travelling to-and-from Dubai since 2013 and have stayed at several hotels in various price ranges. I never stay more than a few nights, but in some cases, I tend to want to return to the same hotel if the stay was enjoyable. I’ve had experiences that range from me checking out 20 minutes after seeing my room to rebooking the same hotel 10 times in a row. I have been to 5-star hotels in Greece, Las Vegas, New York, Croatia, Argentina, Aruba, Denmark, Thailand, and Spain. I have found that Dubai has one of the most luxurious lodging facilities of all the places I have ever been to. They have hotels for various tastes and at many price ranges, so don’t think you have to pay an arm-and-a-leg for a beautiful place to stay. Of course, all the development taking place around Dubai has something to do with this, but let’s be honest. It’s also about the experience and customer service. I can honestly say that my experience here is not singular as many of my co-workers often visit this country, and each of them have a hotel of choice.  

On June 3rd, 2018, I stayed at the Dubai Address Boulevard Hotel in room 1109. I spent a few nights at the hotel and had a wonderful time and wanted to do it again. So, the next time, I intentionally went out of my way to book at the Address Boulevard from 19th– 21st September 2019 and got to stay in 706. Then I did it again on 4th – 8th October 2019, this time I stayed in room 922. I am sure readers will wonder why I am so detailed with the dates and room numbers. As someone who spends hours reading reviews of hotel stays, the dates have become very important to me. While I appreciate a useful review from 2 years ago, most readers want to see the most recent dates of a stay.

Right off the bat, I implicitly say that a few of the reasons for staying at the Address Boulevard in Dubai is for the comfort, proximity to the mall, helpful staff, and exclusivity. Let me start off by saying that last year when I first laid eyes on the inside of the hotel, I was besotted by the interior design. The style was right up my alley with a bit of a minimalist-inspired look with a taste that did not seem too sparse. As stated in one of my reviews, the lobby of the hotel is splendidly done in a style that borrows a little from rococo designs of yesteryear blended with modern aesthetics. During my stay in 2018, I had the time to sample the spa and had a great experience with one of their staff by the name of Shanti. This time around, I didn’t have time for that luxury and was there to prepare for my long journey to Argentina and a trip to Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia.

Top Notch Comfort   

Address Boulevard Room 706

I found this hotel to be one of the most comfortable hotel experiences I’ve had this year. Once you enter your room, you really do feel like it’s your space. I was able to relax in a massive bed with a more than spacious bathroom; and as an awkward person who sometimes doesn’t feel like I always fit in, I felt like once I hammered out the locations of various places within the building I was at home. I am very private, and perhaps a tad bit too introverted, so my room became a welcomed escape from a long day out.

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Address Boulevard view from room 706

For me, the Address Boulevard Hotel in Dubai equals proximity. The main reason for spending the extra money for a stay here is all based on preference and needs. My need was to prep for a work trip, so I needed access to the mall. I didn’t want to pay for the back and forth with taxis, and I also didn’t want to deal with the crowds on the metro or waiting for transportation. I also knew that I would be doing a large amount of shopping, so this made it was super easy for me logistics wise. In less than 5-minute, I walked to the mall, and in less than 7-minute visiting the Burj Khalifa is possible.


Helpful staff 

The staff at Address Boulevard are always pleasant. As someone who often travels and spend a great deal of time in several hotels of various price ranges, I can honestly say that my experience with staff matters and truly determines if I will return. Everyone I was directly in contact with at the Address Boulevard treated me with kindness and dignity even at 4 in the morning. I can recall on my second stay in September 2019, stepping into an elevator with one of the bellhops who engaged me in light conversation. While I know that in the hotel industry, the staff is trained and programmed to behave a certain way when directly engaging guests. Outside of that, I really do not expect a random bellhop to say more than hello and have a good day to me. I sincerely feel that the people they hired are being genuine in their approach or at least trying to be. Last year when I decided to visit the spa, I had the same interaction with a lady by the name of Shanti, who displayed a very similar disposition as the bellhop. On my last stay, I had time to interact with one of their staff members by the name of Sabin. He assisted me at 4 in the morning when barely anyone was around at that time. I find that I spent a lot of time talking to hotel staff in most of the hotels I stay in. I know there is some psychology in this imposed on both sides, but I am always generally interested in how the workers feel about their job even if they will never tell me the truth. 



While the rate per night is a bit expensive when compared to the Holiday Inn and other hotels, I believe the price is a compromise for various delights. I found that when compared to the Address Dubai Mall hotel, it has more privacy and expresses its differences in the functionality of the layout. There is more space to maneuver in the lobby and separation between arriving and departing guests in the building. It’s never fun to return from significant shopping only to run into departing/arriving guests who are dallying around the lobby staring at you. It offered me some privacy, and when it came to the restaurant, I also found that more attention was placed on the quality rather than quantity. I also found it refreshing that one of my options for exiting the building wasn’t walking into Bloomingdales to be harassed by the shop girls. While I know they are only doing their jobs, it becomes annoyingly repetitive when the same shop girls try to sell you the same bottle of perfume you purchased from her a few days earlier.

To date, all my stays at the Dubai Address Boulevard Hotel were so impressive that instead of seeking out another hotel to review, I think the next time I go to Dubai, I will be staying there one more time. 


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