Travel for Food: Buenos Aires Argentina (Part 1)

I ended up in Argentina for 12 days, splitting my time between Buenos Aires and El Calafate. Before visiting Argentina, I did what most folks do and went on YouTube, TripAdvisor, and blogs trying to figure out what to do, where to do it, and what to eat. To start, I have always assumed that Argentina was a meat-heavy society since everyone always talked about steak and lamb dishes. I didn’t think I would fit into Argentina’s food landscape because I don’t eat steak, but I wanted to visit the country anyway. Pushing all that aside, I found a love for Argentinean food and discovered that even I can fit into this culinary space.

 – Fervor –


On my first night in Buenos Aires, I reserved a table at Fervor located in Recoleta. I specifically selected this restaurant because it served steak and seafood. My travel pal and I have different tastes, as she enjoys a good steak or lamb from time-to-time while I, on the other hand, would rather dive into the sea for my dinner. My first time to Fervor, I had the seabass, and she had the steak; while I am not a steak eater, the look of the steaks were advertisement worthy. The seabass, on the other hand, was very tender, but it didn’t automatically hit the spot for me. The atmosphere of Fervor was welcoming, and the waiters were very attentive.  I went to Fervor two times while in Buenos Aires, and I can say that the people who frequent this establishment are a much older crowd. While I would say I’ve had better seabass at other places, I enjoyed the service, atmosphere, and company. At Fervor, I got a chance to see the porteñas in their element. Everyone was well-dressed, their table manners were impeccable, and the conversations and hand gestures while conversing was a majestic thing to see.


 -La Pescadorita –

La Pescadorita

La Pescadorita got my attention because it was a seafood restaurant, and I have a weakness for seafood. La Pescadorita is in Palermo in a very hip area littered with other well-designed pubs, bars, cafés, and restaurants. At La Pescadorita, we enjoyed a paella served with mussels as appetizers and peppermint lemonade. Like all other places, I ate at while in Buenos Aires La Pescadorita never failed to deliver with the ambiance and service.

Paella dish (La Pescadorita)


 -Coffee Town –


Inside the San Telmo Market is a small coffee-stand called Coffee Town. My travel companion kept raving about this place as she is a coffee lover. Coffee Town sits in between a host of other stores standing out among the many cafes, vegetable stalls, and antique shops. It’s run by a group of expert baristas who specialize in brewing the best coffee from around the world. According to my pal, a few of the baristas have won prestigious statuses in several baristas’ competition. If you are not a coffee drinker, they also have several teas to satisfy the most discerning tea drinker. San Telmo Market is a vibrant place where many of the locals hang out, so remember if you look like a tourist, there is a chance that someone is watching you. While enjoying a latte and tea at Coffee Town, my travel companion’s purse was taken. Unfortunately, she hung her purse on the back of her chair, and while engaging in polite banter with the barista, someone stole it. Fortunately, there was nothing in the bag that was worth anything, but to my ghost audience out there, don’t become as complacent as us.


 – Pani –


Pani is a restaurant I stumbled upon while walking around Recoleta. It is next to the Recoleta Cemetery and the Urban Mall. Pani is a franchise with several restaurants in Argentina, Peru, and Paraguay. When I walked into this restaurant, it reminded me of the Cheesecake Factory blended with a Mad Hatter tea party.  It had a restaurant, café, and bakery look all rolled into one with brightly colored murals on the walls and ordinate pastries. The food was very healthy, but overall it was delicious, which was the reason why I visited this place twice. My only advice when visiting is to avoid the lunch and dinner rush hours and before ordering the pastries, inquire about their freshness.


– Greenery / Verde Feria Organica –

While strolling around San Telmo, I ran into a lovely café called Greenery painted in an eye-catching shade of green. The color itself was the very reason we wandered into this establishment.  Buenos Aires has many restaurants, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. From my travels, I have found that the smallest cafes often produce the best services, the boldest food, and the most memorable ambiance. Greenery is a more health-conscious eatery, so when I decided to go for their cheesecake, I knew I was in good hands.


 – Le Pain Quotidien –


Okay, okay, I know this is another café that anyone can visit in many other places. It is, of course, an international chain bakery-restaurant, but Le Pain Quotidien is also a lovely easy option when sightseeing around Buenos Aires.

I wish everyone could taste all the delights of Buenos Aires, every day was a feast!


To be continued…

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  1. Len Kagami says:

    All these dishes look so tasty! 🙂


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