Travel for Food: Buenos Aires Argentina (Part 2)

There is no shortage of excellent restaurants in Buenos Aires; everywhere you turn, there are a host of places welcoming locals and visitors to come in. When I planned my trip to Argentina, I knew that I would not go hungry. While this part of South America is known for steaks, beef or lamb, and I am a seafood lover, I still went with an open mind and belly. Here is another list of places I visited while in Buenos Aires.

La Mar


La Mar was another restaurant that popped up on my radar, enticing me with their Peruvian ceviche in Palermo. La Mar is a Peruvian sea restaurant that I just had to try. One look at the menu and I found a few dishes to dive into starting with the ceviche. They had several ceviches ranging from the classic to a very spicy exotic twist on this traditional dish. For my main course, I had a trio dish with prawns, fish, and scallops bathed in a rich, spicy sauce served with a side of rice. Like most restaurants in Buenos Aires, you can enjoy outside and inside dining. I would have to say that La Mar was one of the only places in Buenos Aires, where I fully enjoyed the seafood. The flavor, taste, and quality of the food is superb, and you can tell that there is a lot of thought, yet simplicity worked into each dish.


Floreria Atlantico


Buenos Aires has several Speakeasies, and lucky for me, I happened to be staying close to one called Floreria Atlantico in the Retiro Recoleta area. Floreria Atlantico is a flower shop by day, but by night visitors to the speakeasy can pass through a refrigerator door in the back of the flower shop leading down towards a cellar where a chic little bar is waiting. The crowd and atmosphere is hip but most importantly unpretentious. Diners can eat at the bar or grab a table along the wall. For starter, we had octopus tapas, and pork chops served for the main course. The meal was scrumptious and filling, but overall the taste was exceptional.


El Querandi

El Querandi

El Querandi is a restaurant that provides a live Tango show and dinner. I must say that the dinner was not the best, but to see Tango performed so passionately it was worth it. Anyone who visits can pay for the dinner and show or the show only. El Querandi also provides a ride back to the hotel since the show runs a bit late.


NEGRO Cueva de Café

The NEGRO Cueva de café is also a franchise café and can be found throughout Buenos Aires. On more than one occasion, after sleeping in and missing the hotel breakfast, we would walk to the NEGRO Cueva de café closest to the hotel. They have very good coffee, teas, and lattes, along with a unique bagel. This wasn’t the bagel I was used to from the United States, this bagel was large, but had a consistency of a light semi-flaky bread. It was absolutely delicious and didn’t disappoint. The NEGRO Cueva de café was another place where I got to see the porteños once again in their element. It was a place where many came to grab a quick bite or sit tapping away on their laptops.


Tea Connection

Tea Connection

This place is another place that I wish was in the United States. Tea Connection has several locations and the best organic menu I have ever seen. They also have an extensive tea list and healthy smoothies. While I know many people would prefer to stay away from chain eateries, there are many healthy choices, so you don’t always have to go for McDonald’s, Taco Bell or Burger King.





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  1. The first photo in your post, we call it ‘Shakkar Pare”. This is amazing how same kind of food gets different names based on region. By the way, I am a travel blogger from India. Please have a look at my blog as well.

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  2. Hello There! You are absolutely correct, different place call dishes by different names I have noticed that on my many travels. I am from the West Indies but I live in Southeast Asia now. I hope to visit your country some day hopefully after all the madness has settled down.


    1. By the way I will take a look at your blog for sure.


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