Travel for Food: Kandahar Airfield (Cambridge DFAC)

saladBack in July 2019, I reviewed the North Line Dining Facility (DFAC) on Kandahar Airfield. Now I am here to review another one of these military dining facilities again.
For the past two weeks, I have religiously eaten at another newer DFAC called Cambridge. Let me take that back, Cambridge is not a new DFAC. Its an older DFAC that they stopped using for some time now, but then relocated another DFAC by the name of Far-East there while they renovate that building. Cambridge was the one, and only British ran facility on post located near the British compound. It had not been open for years. Still, apparently, they renovated it and moved back in, so now it’s a big hit with the Expats living on Kandahar Airfield. While the food hasn’t changed that much, we can see a big difference in the presentation, taste, staff, and cleanliness of the place. One of the most significant highlights is the fresh handmade pizzas served up in three varieties of (meat, chicken, and veggie).

So far, I only have time to visit there during lunch and haven’t tried the dinner or breakfast yet, but I believe there is no need to do this. I have tried their lunch for 2 weeks in a row and rate this DFAC a 3.5 out of 5.







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