Travel for Food: Kuwait

While I was in Kuwait, I took the time to visit a few places that were not on my radar. They are places that I would not have found without my friends. I must say that I enjoyed all of them, but if I had to pick the top restaurant from this shortlist, I would select the Oriental Cuisine Restaurant in Kuwait City because it had the boldest flavors, a cozy atmosphere, and the most memorable dishes. While I ate at more places than I could list here, these were the ones that stood out apart from the American chain restaurants I know.

Seafood Island

Location: Salmiya, Kuwait


Seafood Island is a Filipino restaurant that mainly focuses on seafood dishes, but also serves chicken, pork, and beef. There isn’t a lot of reviews on this restaurant, but I was eager to try it out based on the request of my friends, so on New Year’s Day, we visited this lovely establishment. I was pleasantly surprised by the portions, arrangements, and flavors. Most of the food is laid out on a large serving tray on banana leaves and in bowls. Just like other similar eateries, who recreate the style of how Filipinos would traditionally eat their food.  It had a similar flair to Dampa Restaurant or Boodle Fight, where the food is served on tables and eaten with your hands. At Seafood Island, instead of eating off the table, the food was served on a tray that you could eat from.

Seafood Island rice, chicken, fish, soup on the side with spring rolls

I recall that one of my friends told me that long ago when Filipino soldiers were in the field, they ate their food in a similar fashion.  They would all sit at a large table with the food placed on banana leaves, eating with their hands, and sharing their meals in this communal way.seafood3

The day I visited Seafood Island, we ordered a large spread of rice, watermelon, mango, coconut seafood soup, fry fish, BBQ chicken on skewers, spring rolls, and more.


Check out  Seafood Island Instagram:

seadoos 5

Sultan Chef Turkish Steakhouse

Location: Light Complex, Mahboula


As I am not naturally inclined to eat steak, lamb, veal, mutton, or beef, I wouldn’t have entered Sultan Chef Turkish Steakhouse on my own. I was invited to Sultan Chef by a friend who raved about the steaks. I accepted this invitation as a unique opportunity to experience something different. Sultan Chef restaurant is a Turkish Steakhouse with butchers on-site who somehow mirrors a similar style to internet sensation “Salt Bae.”

A few of the pluses about Sultan Chef was the beautiful décor and impeccable service. There weren’t many people in this restaurant when I went, but I felt like they gave the right amount of attention to each table regardless.

Butcher area of Sultan Chef


Kateh Restaurant

Location: Al Kout Mall, Fahaheel


This restaurant serves Persian dishes from pastries, rice, desserts, fish to lamb. We found Kateh in the Al Kout Mall, which is a new shopping center. The inside of the restaurant was chic, comfortable, and reasonably styled. In all the time I have been in the Middle East, this was my first time at a genuine Persian Restaurant.

This particular restaurant has other locations in Kuwait, and later we found out that there was also one in London as well.

Check out Kateh Restaurant Instagram:

kath tea
Turkish Tea and Saffron Ice Cream
noodle staraw ka
Dessert made of noddles with lime and strawberry sauce

Oriental Cuisine

Location: Bin Misbah Street, Kuwait City


Oriental Cuisine is a Thai restaurant with a sprawling menu. The restaurant has a modern atmosphere with great ambiance. Nothing about it seemed like a cheap restaurant masquerading as Thai and based on the menu and service it seemed authentic with a splash of middle eastern flair.

Fried Garlic Shrimp on a bed of red cabbage
Shrimp Spring Rolls
Fried Calamari
Beef Tom Yum Soup

Check out Oriental Cuisine here:

My time eating in Kuwait has always been greeted with surprising revelations that unmask a world of intrigue and delight. The various cultures living in Kuwait has created a eutopia of gastronomic joy that I will always welcome again and again.

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