Travel for Food: Dubai (Part 2)

Al Safadi Restaurant

Location: The Point close to Palm Jumeirah – Al Mirziban – Dubai

Al Safadi Menu Cover

As I ate my way around Dubai, I ran into many people who would recommend places and restaurants.  The one place I got to try, which was out of the norm for me, was a popular Lebanese restaurant called Al Safafi.  I’d never been to a Lebanese restaurant, but I’ve had elements of their food before, such as tahini, hummus, and the tabbouleh.

My meal at Al Sadafi Restaurant started with hummus with chickpeas and olive oil, with tabbouleh, which is a very refreshing salad made of lettuce, mint, onions, tomatoes, and lemon.

Hummus with Chickpeas and Olive Oil

For the main course, I had fish with Lebanese flatbread.

Grill Fish with flatbread

Then the meal ended with an exciting dessert. This was the most impressive dish I have ever tried, which carefully balanced sweet with savory. I am talking about the sweet Lebanese treat called Kanafeh. For me, it shattered the stereotype about what should be classed as a dessert and what shouldn’t. The Kanafeh I tried was made of mozzarella cheese with pistachio crumbs on top served with a rose flavored sugar syrup. The taste was very noteworthy with a unique consistency when the rose flavored syrup was added. I found the Kanafeh to be delicious and delightful.

lebonnaa 2
Kanafeh – made with mozzarella cheese with pistachio crumb on top served with a rose flavored sugar syrup

To end the night I had some peppermint tea while watching the fireworks over The Palm Atlantis.

lebon mint
Mint Tea
View from Al Safadi Restaurant
Fireworks over Al Safadi Restaurant


KIZA Restaurant & Lounge – Pan African Cuisine

Location: Dubai International Financial Center

Kiza is located on the first floor of Dubai International Financial Center which is also where Mint Leaf of London and Al Grissino Restaurant & Lounge is located. This place is a restaurant that service African food, but also has a lounge atmosphere with music, a bar, and enough space to twirl. I went there just for a hot minute and since I had already eaten, I opted for something light with a drink.

Savory wings from KIZA

What I can say about this place is that it’s more of a club and lounge once it gets late into the night. It has a very progressive feel with lots of Afro-beat music. The crowd and atmosphere is vibrant, attracting lively groups mostly from Local Africans. Based on the food, feel, and look of the establishment I can say it’s warm and inviting. While I didn’t get to sample a good portion of the meal, Kiza is definitely a place I would like to visit again.

KIZA Restaurant & Lounge – Pan African Cuisine


Reel Cinema (Dine-In & Platinum Suite) Dubai Mall

Location: Dubai Mall

Reel Cinema Dine-In

A few days when I had nothing to do and didn’t feel like venturing too far, I would walk over to the Mall of Dubai for a solo dinner and a movie. I don’t know how many of you guys and gals know this, but the Reel Cinema offers excellent dine-in choices. While the food may be classified as classic American movie-goer foods, it is not your average run of the mill popcorn and cheese-dip. Reel Cinema offers gourmet meals with menus handcrafted by chefs such as Guy Fieri. I will always remember how delicious their barbeque wings are and would highly recommend them to any barbeque wing lovers.

reel sin
Reel Cinema Dine-In

The Platinum Suite, on the other hand, takes things up a notch as your food is delivered upon request while watching a movie seated in a lush recline chair. These chairs seem very similar to what you might experience flying Emirates first-class.  The menu has many starters to select from, main course, desserts, teas, and mocktails.


Uncle Fluffy

Location: Dubai Mall

Uncle Fluffy

While this place isn’t a restaurant and is only a small shop on the top floor of the metro bridge area of the Dubai Mall, Uncle Fluffy offers a look into Japanese desserts. I have seen clips on Facebook and travel food tv shows showing how Uncle Fluffy cheesecakes are made. I purchased the smallest portion and I was dazed and confused at how delicious this cake was but how it claims to be low calories. Uncle Fluffy is named the best Japanese cheesecake and after tasting it I understand why. It’s worth trying once but once is not good enough.


This concludes my Travel for Food Dubai edition. As I mentioned in part 1 there are more restaurants in Dubai than one can count!  Since I often spend time in Dubai I am sure there will be another Travel for Food blog that will feature other hot spots in Dubai.


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