Tales: Rural Lifestyle Foodies (Part 2)

Last summer, I blogged about some of my favorite content creators, who are pioneering a corner of YouTube and other social media platforms using their unique talents that stem from their cultural traditions of meal preparation. I have been quiet all year about the content I have been consuming, so I wanted to highlight one content creator who has grabbed my interest this month.

Perhaps moving forward every month, I will try my best to highlight a creator who does something unique, showcasing alternative ways of living. I hope to keep this promise because there are many great channels out there, giving us a window into traditional cooking, living, craft making, gardening, and many more. I am hoping that one day I come across a channel from the West Indies!

More than a month ago, I came across a video by a YouTube channel called Traditional Me. The first image that grabbed me was a still of a well-seasoned fish reminding me of how West Indians tend to pepper and season fish. The video was called “A homemade lunch was converted into a platter of the feast, thanks to my Brother”.

Nadee prepping fish

After watching that video, I went on to another, then I looked up hours later and realized that I had fallen down the Traditional Me rabbit-hole and had watched about 14 of her videos.

Pomegranate & Mango Yogurt (Delum Amba Yogart)

According to the bio on this channel, the owner and star is Sri Lankan based, who goes by the name Nadee. Her channel’s summary says that her hobby is making delicious food for her family found in her native land of Sri Lanka and other neighboring places such as India, Malay, and Arabic countries. Like Liziqi and other content creators in this genre, Nadee is happy with living a traditional life as she states that by choosing new technology over traditional methods of food preparation, we lose the soul and heart of the dishes we create. I would have to agree with her on that point!

Nadee’s channel has 61,923,221 views since starting a year ago. Her videos are well-produced, and the setting romanticizes a life many city dwellers yearn for. The images are lush, and everyone seems happy to be there, and I am delighted to watch them. Her videos are well put together, showcasing her cooking along with a few of her family members. I am thrilled that content like this exists! It shows me that even in a technology-obsessed world, some are still maintaining their culture and using a bit of technology to help push their message out while creating alternative means to support what they love doing. These creators are genuinely getting the best bits out of technology while remaining loyal to what they believe in. Perhaps this is the way to go, instead of being forced to move to larger cities to take up space in the never-ending rat race.

I wish Nadee the best in her journey and all the success, if you want to check out her videos click he link below.

YouTube: Traditional Me https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfCw8GGyGpXmtxDTNJ7J5VA

Facebook: Traditional Me https://www.facebook.com/watch/traditionalme/

Owner: Nadee

Creator Since: October 2019

Location: Sri Lanka

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